Video: Jay-Z Presents The Great Gatsby Soundtrack


Jay-Z has teamed up with writer/producer/director Baz Luhrmann to create the soundtrack to the upcoming movie The Great Gatsby. Jayz will serves as the executive producer and has also contributed an original track called 100$ Bill. The soundtrack drops May 7th and the movie on May 10th, some of the things Jay-Z had to say and watch the trailer after the jump

“The Great Gatsby is that classic American story of one’s introduction to extravagance, decadence, and illusion. It’s ripe for experimentation and ready to be interpreted with a modern twist. The imagination Baz brought to Moulin Rouge! made it a masterpiece, and Romeo + Juliet’s score wasn’t just in the background; the music became a character. This film’s vision and direction has all the makings of an epic experience.”


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