Video: DMX & Eve Perform at 2012 Rock The Bells Concert

This past weekend, she hit the stage with a vengeance as part of the annual ‘Rock The Bells’ concert held in San Bernardino, California.  During the show, she made her first appearance with DMX to perform the Ruff Ryders Anthem (which was the first song she had ever appeared on as part of Ruff Ryders). She returned to the stage later in the show to perform a few of her biggest hits, including ‘What Ya’ll N-ggas Want’, ‘Who’s That Girl’, ‘Let Me Blow Your Mind’ and the ‘Hot Boys (Remix)’.  At some point, the DJ dropped the beat for Jay-z and Kanye West’s ‘N-ggas In Paris’, and Eve hyped the crowd up before spitting a few bars on her planned come back:

Check the performance after the jump

‘N–gas been asking questions
wanna know this wanna know that
When you gonna make another record and smash them
Right now, I’m all the way back
I told ya’ll mu f-ckas don’t count me out
E-V-E never been down and out
I heard them say I was down for the count
f-ck what ya’ll talking bout
You can never get rid of me
I came in the game to win, just accept that you gotta live with me
dominating these tracks, better get this sh-t on wax
Spread the word that I’m back, these b-tches in debt better pay their tax
I said these b-tches in debt better pay their tax.

It’s so easy to assume that Eve was throwing shots at Lauryn Hill, since she is currently facing jail time for tax evasion but just this year she listed Lauryn as one of her dream collaborations during an interview.

You know what- my one dream collabo would be with Lauryn Hill. She will always be the one. Unfortunately she’s in a bad mental place right now, but it would be a dream come true.

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