Video: Fabolous Freestyles On The Brooklyn Nets’ “The Association” Show

NBA TV’s The Association: Brooklyn Nets debuts on Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 10 p.m. ET, as the series introduces viewers to the Nets and its new home, with personal insights from Brooklyn natives such as actress Rosie Perez and hip hop artist Fabolous, as well as former Dodgers Ralph Branca and Joe Pignatano.  Check the freestyle after the jumpDeron Williams has a request for fans heading to the Barclays Center: Chant “Brooklyn.” He didn’t mention “Go Nets,” or anything involving his team’s nickname. The star point guard prefers “Brooklyn,” repeated slowly and deliberately, exactly like the chorus in Fabolous’ “Brooklyn” rap song. “I like that ‘Brooklyn’ chant,” Williams said unprompted. “Hopefully that’s a motto this year. That was only 2,000 fans (in Atlantic City). Imagine 18,000.”

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