Video: In The Studio with Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse

A little heartbreaking but a must watch nonethless. It’s an excerpt of Amy Winehouse’s collaborative effort with Tony Bennett on the song, “Body & Soul,” which they recorded in March of this year. In a short interview included in the video, Amy chats about her father, “Mitchell,” and how excited he was to hear they would be doing that particular song. It’s known that her father sung Frank Sinatra songs to her as a child and this video makes it clear that other jazz singers were in his lullaby repertoire as well. She explains:  Read more and watch the video after the jump

“Well my dad sort of in the meantime would be singing ‘Body & Soul.’ My dad, personally, himself, he was like, ’Oh. It’s only my favorite song in the world you’re going to sing. Oh my god,’ he goes, ‘You even know it!’ And I was like, of course I know it, Mitchell, I’m your daughter. Of course I know it. And it was really exciting that he chose that song. Because I do love it. It’s such a beautiful written song and it’s a song you can do a lot with.”

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