Video: J. Cole Talks Jay-Z’s Blueprint With VIBE

VIBE: Ten-years after its release, Jay-Z’s The Blueprint, is still mentioned amongst the best hip-hop albums of all time. Impacting rappers just as much as fans, the project played a big part in J.Cole’s coming-of-age.

“That album was a classic, there’s only one song that I ever skipped on that album religiously and that was (starts singing) ‘Jigga, jigga, that nigga jigga.’ I always skipped that,” Cole tells VIBE. “But everything else was my shit on that album, especially “Renegade.” I played the hell out of “Heart Of The City.”

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His mentor’s seminal album has been debated for the past decade, disputes on the LP’s best and worst tracks still breakout in hip-hop circles across the globe.

“I’ll probably say “Renegade” but everything else is pretty much tied. Like “Song Cry” is such a classic,” Cole’s says of his personal favorites from The Blueprint.

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