Video: ‘Love & Hip Hop NYC’ Rich Dollaz Gets Arrested Mid-Interview For Failing To Appear In Court For Paternity Test


Rich Dollaz of Love and Hip Hop New York was arrested recently during the middle of an interview and it was all caught on tape.

Dollaz, who reportedly manages former G-Unit singer Olivia, was giving an interview to in a hotel lobby when things started going downhill.

Rich spots the police in the hotel lobby and tells the person interviewing him he didn’t feel comfortable.

Cops make me nervous,” he said. “I don’t know how I feel right now.

Read full story and watch arrest after the jump

The police soon approach Rich and eventually escort him outside. A woman approaches him as he is being led out of the hotel and starts yelling at him.

You really thought you was going to come to Memphis and not do what you were supposed to do?” the woman asked.

According to, the woman’s name is Chaundrea Nicolle. She has been trying to get Rich in court to prove that he fathered her baby. Rich skipped out on a court appearance where he was supposed to take a paternity test, leading to his arrest.

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