Video: Love & Hip Hop’s Kimbella and Erica Mena Throw Blows

Love & Hip Hop’ has turned into the Bad Girls Club this season, with so many fists flying and glasses being thrown you’d think it was ‘BasketballWives.’ On last night’s episode, poor Kimbella was once again throwin’ bows but this time it was with model-turned-aspiring singer Erica Mena. Erica met up with Yandy to discuss her new career choice and there was immediately some trash talking once Kimbella’s name popped up in the conversation. “I’m up here, and she’s down here,” were Erica’s words, making it seem like she’s at a higher video vixen standard.

Read full story and watch the beatdown after the jumpSo what does Yandy do? Of course she thinks it’s a good idea to get Erica and Kimbella together, along with newest cast member Teairra Marie — ’cause you know, it all worked out well last time she got Kimbella and Emily together with the ladies — and then all hell breaks loose. Erica starts poppin’ off at the mouth, saying that Kimbella is at a lower level than her, saying she does spots for free making it hard for real models like herself and that she should be happy she got a dude with some change to knock her up.

Y’all already know what happened next.

Kimbella threw a drink -because that’s just how you initiate fights on these reality shows –and all hell broke loose with lots of hair pulling, swollen lips and scratched up faces.

My question is: What is it about Kimbella that makes folks want to start moving furniture? We all saw how the Chrissy incident evolved, but there has to be some back story/deep-seeded issues between her and Erica for all that to happen before appetizers were even brought out.

And Erica, she may need a little anger management. A video of her beating the hell out of her baby daddy, (some guy Raul Conde from Terror Squad) circulated the internet months ago. The two were leaving My Studio in Hollywood when she gave him a beat down and even dropped kicked him in the face while saying ‘you aint sh*t nicca’. Thankfully, he didn’t hit her back because in this society he would have been thrown under the jail no matter how many licks she got in first.

Shouts to necolebitchie

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