Video: Terrence J & Rocsi Announce Their Departure From BET’s 106 & Park

We’ve had the opportunity to connect with BET hosts Rocsi and Terrence through our television screens over the last seven years and now they have officially confirmed that they will be moving on from ’106 and Park’ through an announcement that was televised during yesterday’s show. It an emotional five minute speech, Terrence and Rocsi not only announced that they would be leaving the show, but also detailed the moment they first received the call from BET’s Stephen Hill with the news that they would be the new hosts of the show. At the time Terrence had just lost his job in corporate america and Rocsi was a struggling radio hosts. It’s stories and moments such as these that gave Terrence and Rocsi an undeniable bond with their audience. From Rocsi sharing her personal struggles with an eating disorder with young girls and helping to rebuild schools in New Orleans after the Katrina disaster to Terrence spending days in Haiti after the earthquake feeding families and organizing a road trip across the country to get 100,000 students registered to vote, those little personal touches and the ability to inspire and keep their audience informed beyond the 106 and Park stage was what made them special.

It’s no denying the energy that they’ve brought to that stage every single day, coupled with their ability to not only connect but inspire millions of kids across the nation that made them great and unforgettable hosts and they will truly be missed.

Read their statement [or Watch the video of the announcement] below:

Terrence: There’s been a lot of talk, it’s been all over the place and honestly it’s been premature because we hadn’t decided until now …but we always use this platform to speak to you and today it’s more important than ever.

Rocsi: To start off, we’ve only been able to accomplish all that we’ve accomplished because we put God first in our lives and he has always led us and continues to lead us in all of our steps.

Terrence: After an amazing seven years of being on this show, we have decided together that we will be soon leaving 106 and Park as your hosts. This, by no means, has been an easy decision and it has come after a lot of prayer, a lot of thought and a lot of consideration.  First, we’d like to start by thanking BET, this has been an incredible opportunity and we are looking forward to continuing our relationship.  There is no way that we are giving up the keys to the door, not just yet. I remember when we got the call from Stephen Hill that we would even be the host of 106 and Park…

Rocsi: A the time, I was a struggling radio personality in Chicago. I was in a city where I had no family, few friends and I felt so alone there and I was just trying so hard in a career that was so hard and I had so many big big dreams and no voice.

Terrence: I had just graduated from North Carolina A&T, I had a job in Corporate America that I lost, people thought I was crazy because I had lost my job and I had no idea how I was going to pay off my student loans and if it wasn’t for my frat brothers, my brother Fred and my boys and family coming together… The first day I cracked the mic on 106, I was staying on a cot in a basement and I don’t know what would have happened if [we didn’t have this opportunity].

Rocsi: We both agree that we had no idea and we can’t express how amazing the last seven years have been, how life changing this time has been, and we appreciate you guys so much. We love you. You guys at home, the viewers have been down with us from day one, you’ve let us be a part of your world, your life, everybody here from being the livest audience, everyone in their living room, it’s your energy that fuels us and kept us going and keeps us going still after today.

Terrence: There has been so many meaningful moments that we have shared with you guys. When that earthquake happened in Haiti, people were calling 106 so that we could shout them out and send messages to their loved one, When Michael Jackson passed, when Whitney Houston passed, this show is the one that everyone turned to to watch their videos and celebrate their lives. The inauguration of our first black president, all of those moments we shared them here at 106 and park and we are humbled to be a part of your lives. Thank you!

Rocsi: While we are here, and until the moment we leave, we pledge to continue to bring you young black culture daily in a way that you’ve never seen anywhere else and it continues -this isn’t our last day, we will be back – but it continues to be our honor to even do this for you guys.

Terrence: It’s big things ahead, we are super excited about the next steps that we are going to take in our lives but please believe that we will be leaving with a bang. Stay close and stay by our sides because we have a huge farewell show coming for you guys. A lot of big surprise guests that will be coming by the show and we will go out with a bang. Stay tuned! More details to come. We love you.

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