Video: The Time Nas Wanted to Lynch Jay-Z at Summer Jam

For years we’ve heard about how Hot 97 shut down Nas’ plans to lynch Jay in effigy at Summer Jam 2002, and now we have some footage that gives us an idea of what the crowd was in for that day. Here’s a short clip that shows some of the preperations that went into the stunt: the creation of the Jay-Z dummy and the accompanying gallows from which it was supposed to swing.

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The lynching never happened and Nas refused to perform, but the resulting fall-out stands as a turning point in New York Rap history. The incident helped to fuel the ongoing Jay/Nas beef and Nas’ visit to Power 105.1 to air out Flex and company helped to establish that station as a legitimate player in New York radio. Fast forward 10 years and the drama is considerably less meaningful.

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