Video: The Weeknd – Wicked Games

The Weeknd’s Abel Tesfaye dropped his latest music video today for his single Wicked Games. The video, which stars Tesfaye, is pretty reminiscent to The Weeknd’s last video for the track Rolling Stone. Like the Rolling Stone visuals, this video is shot in black and white and centers around a tormented love Tesfaye seems to be the victim of. What I like about The Weeknd’s videos is their simplicity. Rarely using any set or even a backdrop, The Weeknd’s videos rely on subtle shadows and camera movements in order to paint a visual picture that reinforces the emotion-packed lyrics. There is truly something haunting about these videos that no amount of green screens or CGI could ever replicate. So take a gander at the hypnotic new video from The Weeknd and be sure to snag his upcoming album Trilogy on November 13. Get Your Earz Wet  Check the video after the jump

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