Video: Trey Songz – “Sex Ain’t Better Than Love”

Trey Songz is giving a mature new outlook on relationships with his newest video, ‘Sex Ain’t Better Than Love’. He uses some split screen technology throughout the video to show different instances of how people react to things when they’re with someone because they love them or if they’re just around for some late-night entertainment. The video shows the contrast between these two types of relationships when he meets two girls at a party: one who he can get his freak on and have a threesome with and another who he can fall in love with and build a future.

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“I been outchea in these streets and I done learned
Every girl I gave my loving to was only a substitute
I been outchea in these streets and I done learned
Even though she’s in my arms this ain’t where my heart belongs
Sex in the air no lovin’ here
Soon as I get through, I’m outta there
And it feels so bad but it feels so good
Wishing I could care girl I never could
But then I fell into your love
Didn’t let me touch the ground
Now I see it clear that your heart is there
And all these other women they just can’t compare…”

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